AR Armorer’s Tool


Manufactured from heat treated steel
Powder coated with a matte finish Olive Drab color

– Hammer
– Barrel Nut
– Muzzle Device
– Spanner Wrench for old and new style castle nut
– Beverage opener
– Forearm Wrench
– A2 Extension
– ½” opening for socket wrench attachment
– Ergonomic handle
– Flat tip screwdriver

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Designed with Armorers and End Users in mind, this AR Armorer’s Tool is THE ultimate tool to build, customize or maintain your AR. This all-in-one tool has a number of essential features, including a hammer, barrel nut tool, muzzle device tool, spanner wrench, forearm wrench, and flat tip screwdriver, just to name a few. Manufactured from heat treated alloy steel and powder coated with a matte Olive Drab finish, it has the strength and durability to perform any AR building need. Made in the USA, the AR Armorer’s Tool comes with a lifetime warranty.

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